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Fans in the Stands Event Honors Robin Seemann

Seemann and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino.  

It should come as no surprise that at United Way of Greater Stark County (UWGSC), which is only a seven-minute drive from the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there is Hall of Fame-worthy work going on in the community. Robin Seemann, the Director of Financial Stability Platforms for UWGSC, has helped to make her community a better place during a time when it needed it most.  

Seemann oversees many of the platforms administered through UWGSC’s Financial Prosperity Center, which provides services such as auto repair, financial coaching and counseling, financial and soft skills workshops, and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. When COVID-19 forced workplaces to switch to remote operations the center quickly adapted to the circumstances, connecting with individuals to provide coaching, workshops, and resource connecting over the phone and through video conference technology.  

After Ohio governor Mike DeWine issued stay at home orders due to COVID-19, UWGSC established an impact fund to provide mortgage and rent assistance to individuals who were put out of work or had their hours reduced due to pandemic restrictions. Seemann assisted in the development of the online application process for the program, as well as the procedures for helping those who applied to the program.  

The effort Seemann put into helping the community through the program did not go unnoticed by others at UWGSC. ““Robin was instrumental in getting the processes and procedures in place that allowed us to assist our community by handling applications and the distribution of COVID funds remotely,” comments Angela Perisic, Executive Vice-President Resource Development & Community Impact at UWGSC. “Her leadership was invaluable to this process.” 

Seemann’s work continued to persist throughout the throes of the pandemic, and under her leadership the Prosperity@Work program was launched at two local workplaces. Prosperity@Work provides support to retain and strengthen the local workforce by helping employees overcome personal barriers, improve their quality of life, and increase their success in the workplace. It is designed to reduce the causes of negative workplace stress by introducing resources to employers to benefit their employees and services that focus on workplace retention, productivity, advancement, financial stability, and well-being of workers.  

Seemann realizes the significance of the toll that work can take on an individual and helped to launch the program to reduce the stress levels at workplaces. “Human capital is just as important as financial capital,” says Robin. “Time and money go into training employees, and turnover can be costly and time consuming. Prosperity@Work is designed to teach employees how to reduce stress, manage personal finances and connect them to available community resources to help them get to work on time and be productive at work.” 

To learn more about Seemann and UWGSC’s work, click here for the link to their website.