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Charitable donations dropped by 6% in the first quarter of 2020 according to a report by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project.  Charities across the U.S. have seen increasing drops in giving since then.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports 2020 giving could be down by as much as $25 billion this year.

The drop in donations caused by job losses and economic uncertainty comes just as demands on charities are skyrocketing.  Without the ability to raise more private donations, some charities may have to close and many will not be able to meet the rising need for help caused by the pandemic.

Fortunately, Congress has an easy and fast way to help charities.  Most people donate from their hearts, but the fact that most donations to charities are taxed reduces the amount people can give.

Bipartisan bills have been introduced in the House and Senate that would relieve most people from paying taxes on income they donate to charities.  This would allow people to give more and provide charities the resources to meet the pandemic head-on.

Ask your Senators and Members of Congress to cosponsor these important bills and include them in the next COVID-19 relief package. Join us in fighting for charities by sending an e-mail now. 

We need a few pieces of information to connect you with your lawmakers. Fill out the form below to be connected and send an e-mail. Personalized messages are especially effective. We encourage you to edit the message to add how expanding charitable giving incentives would impact giving in your community or to your nonprofit. 


Why the charitable deduction should be available for all taxpayers

Currently, Americans can reduce their taxes by giving to charities. This is called the charitable deduction. The charitable deduction is only available to itemizers. Under the current tax code, only 5% of Americans are expected to itemize their taxes. It's time for all American taxpayers to have access to the charitable deduction.  Watch the video and take action above.