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Giving by individuals declined by 3.4% in inflation-adjusted dollars in 2018* and preliminary 2019 data indicates a larger decline. Fewer charitable donations means fewer resources to fund private food banks, homeless or domestic violence shelters, provide day care, or job training. This will damage the very fabric of the charitable sector and our communities.

Congress should support American values of giving by expanding the charitable giving tax benefits. Providing a financial incentive to give, like an expanded charitable deduction, will mean more people are able to give more and will enable charities to serve more people in their communities. Join us in fighting for charities.

*Giving USA 2019: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2018, June 2019. https://givingusa.org/giving-usa-2019-americans-gave-427-71-billion-to-charity-in-2018-amid-complex-year-for-charitable-giving/

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Why the charitable deduction should be available for all taxpayers

Currently, Americans can reduce their taxes by giving to charities. This is called the charitable deduction. The charitable deduction is only available to itemizers. Under the current tax code, only 5% of Americans are expected to itemize their taxes. It's time for all American taxpayers to have access to the charitable deduction.  Watch the video and take action above.