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Over the past few months, United Way advocates have been a strong and steady voice for coronavirus relief and recovery in communities across the United States. The economic and health crisis remains and communities of color continue to be disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Action is needed now to extend existing policies and expand programs that support individuals and families—like enhanced unemployment insurance, increased monthly SNAP benefits, and additional Medicaid funding for states. Congress can act by passing another coronavirus relief package that prioritizes community supports for those struggling to make ends meet.

Your voice is needed. Our families and communities can’t wait.

Tell Congress to support policies that help communities recover from the devastation caused by the pandemic, including helping feed those facing food insecurity, connecting those in financial distress with resources to make ends meet and providing childcare to parents that are getting back to work. Send an email now!

We need a few pieces of information to connect you with your lawmakers. Fill out the form below to be connected and send an email. Personalized messages are especially effective. We encourage you to edit the message to add how nonprofits in your community are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo courtesy of United Way of Greater Atlanta