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‘We hope to continue joining forces to advance the common good’ Jorge Maortua, President UW Spain

In 2021 team in Spain have positively impacted the lives of 4,010 people, with a special focus on the support we provide to 1,579 minors and young people who participate in our educational programs, improving their transversal skills and promoting the continuity of their training, to combat early school droupout. 

Plus consolidated the Youth Challenge project in Italy and started a mentoring program in Portugal. 1,313 people have volunteered, supporting the operational success of our projects.  On coorporate realtionshoips more than 50 alliances - between companies and social entities - for the execution of local and network projects.

However these numbers were happening in a challenging context. As Marina Fuentes, Executive Director United Way Spain expressed, 'After the shock of 2020, where the pandemic brought out the cracks in our welfare state, 2021 arrived, which is making us live a fascinating moment. With COVID we have realized how vulnerable we are. We have suddenly learned that we are part of nature and we are less invincible than we thought.' -she continues afirming in moments like these we reinforce our purpose - 'But thanks to this moment, in 2021 we have been able to live solidarity up close and channel the desire to change a model of society that denies too many people the opportunity to have a dignified life. The positive part that I have been able to see with my eyes and live in the different actions carried out by the United Way Spain Foundation is that this brutal pandemic has served to raise awareness about where we have to improve and how we can generate solutions based on the union of forces that cause a systemic change in the long term.'

Flexibility and innovation were the key to continue with forward porgress in the initiatives. Jorge Maortua, President United Way Spain, emphized the adaptability to the needs of each community, reconigzes the support of the 427 volunteers from the staff of local' collaborating companies. Maortua points out '2,645 minors and young people have participated in educational programs whose main objective is to combat school dropout, and which are developed with different methodologies depending on the circumstances of each group: improving transversal skills, promoting vocational discovery to encourage them to continue studying, to through the approach to the reality of the company, improving their STEM skills, offering mentoring projects... '

On health projects, spanish colleagues, are especially focused on accompanying elderly people in situations of loneliness and promoting healthy habits among vulnerable groups. For eldery, the team collaborated with Costco on MENCÍA Program, project aims to combat the social isolation of older people. With Internet Society Foundation, Joining Forces is a project  to combat the loneliness and isolation of the elderly, and simultaneously promotes the social inclusion of refugees and migrants through an intercultural, intergenerational and technological experience. 

 We are pleased to share with you the 2021 United Way Annual Report, and all that we have been able to achieve this year in United Way Spain thanks to everyone in our amazing UW network.