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UW Netherlands Joining Forces: Distributing Tablets


In an iced over Amsterdam, a diverse group of refugees volunteered their time with UW staff to distribute tablets to seniors with the objective of reducing loneliness within the community. This group of volunteers participated in UW Netherlands project, “Joining Forces”, which connects refugees to the elderly during COVID-19 and integrates refugees into Dutch society. The day consisted of introducing refugees to the elderly so that they may assist each other which was all done according to social distancing protocol. While connecting with each other for the first time they scheduled a call to meet up via FaceTime. Since some seniors are not tech savvy, two Syrian brothers: Mohammed and Abdelkader are helping through providing instructions for technology use. The video calls bring a chance for the elderly and refugees to exchange stories and learn more about one another. UW Netherlands director, Machiel Salomons who presented the tablets, commented, “This is one of the ways we connect vulnerable groups, which helps to create an inclusive society.”


Thank you to all the volunteers and UW staff for combining two vulnerable groups and helping Dutch society.

This is one of the ways we connect vulnerable groups, which helps to create an inclusive society.

Machiel Salomons

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