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There are fun ways to waste $200. Filing your taxes isn’t one of them.

For the team here at United Way, tax season means asking ourselves the question: "How do we get more people who make less than $62,000 to file their taxes for free?"

We think it's silly to spend $200 (what the average person spends for professional tax prep) when you can file your taxes for free at MyFreeTaxes.com. It's secure, it's easy, it's even fun (depending on your definition of fun). We think not filing on MyFreeTaxes.com is about as ridiculous as taking $200 to the bank, cashing it in for 20,000 pennies, then using those pennies to build a bust of Abe Lincoln. Actually, this doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a Saturday, but the point is: you have to save that $200 first.

If you're going to waste $200, it might as well be on something absurd, something wild, something that will make you laugh, or best of all: something that will go viral on the Internet.

Just whatever you do, don't waste $200 on filing your taxes.

Don't waste $200. File with MyFreeTaxes.

So, Americans, will you join us in our movement to save more money this tax season? Will you join us to make taxes fun for the first time? It's as easy as hitting 'file now.'

Don't waste $200 this tax season.

File with MyFreeTaxes.com today.

File now