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Thanking America’s Grocery Workers

Every day, we count on grocery workers to be there for us. Every day, they show up for their communities.

Whether it’s lending a hand to carry a heavy bag for an elderly neighbor, or packing groceries for delivery to those who feel safer at home – grocery workers are supporting their communities. They help make it easy to get food and household goods, and so contribute in significant ways to their community’s well-being.

Last year, Kendall-Jackson and United Way partnered to launch the Grocery Worker’s Relief Fund. designed to recognize grocery workers for all they were doing. Now named the Grocery Worker’s Appreciation Fund, the fund continues to show appreciation by helping grocery workers with life’s unexpected events and urgent needs, like medical expenses and automotive repairs, in the form of $250 cash cards.

During a time when people everywhere were impacted by COVID and many needed extra assistance, the fund helped grocery workers across the country. One recipient shared how this support made a difference for their family during the pandemic, explaining that “as the only person in the household who didn’t lose my job, I was the only one bringing in income and this helped out with essentials needed for the house. I am beyond grateful.” Another grocery worker said the money “immediately went towards maintaining a roof over our heads.” They went on to share that “without a home there are no communities, and without communities there is no hope.”

Local United Ways are also showing love to grocery workers. United Way of Southeast Louisiana teamed up with actor Anthony Mackie to provide grocery workers in Louisiana $150-credit towards their utility bills, helping them keep the lights on and stay connected to the internet. This support helped to minimize financial pressure and recognize the essential role of grocery workers.

United Way and Kendall-Jackson thank grocery workers for the support they give communities every day. You can show your thanks too by donating to the Grocery Worker’s Appreciation Fund here. Grocery workers are invited to apply to get support here.

Kendall-Jackson has pledged $2 million to the Grocery Worker’s Appreciation Fund, administered by United Way Worldwide, through August 2030.