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November 5 is International Volunteer Managers Day

Volunteers should get lots of thanks and recognition.  They make time, show up and share of themselves all in the name of helping someone else.  Worldwide, volunteers are essential to improving the education, income and health of people in need, protecting the environment, advocating for social change, and more.

But behind every great group of volunteers is a volunteer manager, who plans and coordinates the volunteer work, recruits and trains the volunteers, and makes sure the experience is positive for both the volunteers and the beneficiaries.  Volunteer managers are deserving of our thanks and recognition, too. 

International Volunteer Managers Day celebrates the achievements and contributions of skilled, professional volunteer managers who are adept at taking singular passion and turning it into effective action. The International Volunteer Managers Day website lists events celebrating volunteer managers around the world: in Australia, Canada, England, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.

United Way is a global network of volunteers, contributors, and local charities helping people in their own communities.  We have ambitious goals to improve education, income and health by inspiring people to give, advocate and volunteer.  We won’t be able to meet those goals without the skills and dedication of volunteer managers. On behalf of United Ways around the world, I’d like to thank those volunteer managers for playing a critical role in channeling the power of volunteers and helping us promote the health and wellbeing of so many.

We don’t have to hold a special event to recognize the important work of volunteer managers.  I hope you and your fellow volunteers will make time to thank your volunteer manager in person, through social media and in other ways on November 5 and throughout the year.