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United Way Blog

Helping Veterans Drive toward a Brighter Future

All it takes is one person to change lives. Just ask the military veteran who, in 2013, worked with United Way of Broward County in Florida to create MISSION UNITED, a program that coordinates community services for veterans and their families, and one that has helped more than 12,000 veterans in 20 communities around the nation.

Four years later, United Way of Broward County continues to play an integral role in helping veterans transition from active duty to civilian life. By affording former military personnel the resources, training, and networks they need to live healthy and productive lives—and build brighter futures—they are giving back to those who have given so much. This support was on full display in early May.

Through their partnership with South Florida Ford, United Way of Broward County gave Shae Desinat and Ben Guzman, two veterans who were supported by MISSION UNITED, the experience of a lifetime. Shae, president of the Student Veterans of America chapter in Broward College, and Ben, a mentor for MISSION UNITED, are working hard to help fellow veterans in need. To honor them for their hard work and heart, a special “thank you” event was arranged.

A few weeks ago, Shae and Ben participated in a “Ford Will Surprise You” television campaign, thinking it was a documentary for MISSION UNITED. What they didn’t know was that former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dan Marino, would pay them a visit … or that South Florida Ford Dealers would give them a free Ford car or truck for their efforts. Watch Shae and Ben as they are honored for their community contributions, and discover how you can help the veterans in your community today.