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Beyond Pink Ribbons: Shifting the Conversation from Awareness to Access

You know it’s October, because suddenly pink ribbons are everywhere, people are biking and running and making calls to raise awareness about breast cancer, and talking heads and celebrity spokespeople are doing their part to spread the word.This year, however, I humbly suggest that we broaden the discussion, because awareness is not enough. If we really want to trumpet the importance of detecting breast cancer early on, then we also have to address the fact that too many people still don’t have access to potentially life-saving preventive medicine. 

3 Ways You Can Help Prevent Suicide in Your Community

September is Suicide Awareness Month, an opportunity to talk about ways we can save more of the nearly 40,000 people who end their lives every year. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 12-18. And among veterans the suicide rate has been on the rise in recent years. But suicide is also highly preventable and we all can be part of the solution in our communities. In fact, it’s already happening in big cities and small towns around America.

Want to see what lasting change looks like?

Meet Jamie.  Use United Way’s new interactive infographic to follow Jamie on his path to success in school, work and life. Click on formative moments in his life to see real-life examples of how people are coming together to make a difference.  Not just in the lives of kids like Jamie, but also in the communities where kids like Jamie live, work and play.

A Story About Education…or Is It?

Change has come to Pamdu, a close-knit community in southern Ghana.Our story begins with 16-year old Suleiman Ibrahaim, a young man who is no longer missing classes at school. What accounts for his improved attendance rate? It’s not a new school. It’s not better teachers. It’s actually something as simple as water.