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6 Ways to Advocate Health and Wellness for Toddlers

Young children depend on the guidance of adults. When it comes to health and wellness, day care providers, preschools, and caregivers are the decision makers. Here are six ways parents can be involved with the adults who influence their little ones.

Born Learning Making Strides in Argentina

Fundación Caminando Juntos (United Way in Argentina) has been training child caregivers in early childhood development skills as part of its implementation of the Born Learning campaign. With support from Procter & Gamble, United Way trained 25 community leaders at 12 community centers, impacting thousands of children through highly trained caregivers. Small grants were made to three community centers to support the development of child care areas.

4 Personal Benefits of Volunteering in Your Community

Nonprofit organizations depend on the giving nature of volunteers. But volunteers often reap satisfaction and benefits of volunteering by becoming involved in their communities. Not sure how volunteering can be a personal benefit to you? Here are four reasons to give a little time to a nonprofit organization every week.

Solidary Day of the Child in Argentina

On August 31, 2012 Fundación Caminando Juntos (United Way in Argentina), hosted a Solidary Day of the Child in partnership with Fundación Torneos at the Rugby Club of Luján. The Day of the Child celebrates children throughout the country and provides an opportunity for volunteers to bring joy to children in the community.

United Way Latin America Region Receives NGO Responsibility Award

On August 24, 2012 the United Way Latin America region was awarded the Latin American NGO Responsibility Award by the Ecumenical and Social Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The award, which recognizes the intense commitment of NGOs in Latin America, acknowledges the work of United Ways in 12 countries in the region. Over the past 30 years, Latin American United Ways have collaborated with more than 600 multinational corporations and improved the quality of life for 600,000 people through its education, income and health initiatives.

Are You Going For Individual Glory Or Team Gold?

Australia has the local resources and leadership in many communities to do the work of building the common good, but do we have the blueprint to create lasting change and the resolve to be accountable for our progress asks Doug Taylor, the Chief Executive Officer of United Way Australia. This opinion piece was recently run in the publication, Pro Bono Australia.

Mobile Dental Health Clinics in Guatemala

The impact of poor dental health is greatest among children in Guatemala. Due to an increased risk of long-term damage from poor dental hygiene as their permanent teeth grow in, children are a critical factor in breaking the cycle of poor dental health. In partnership with Procter & Gamble and their Oral-B brand, Operation Blessing and Fondo Unido de Guatemala (United Way in Guatemala) are working to improve dental hygiene through Sonrisas Saludables en Walmart – Healthy Smiles at Walmart. The project will benefit more than 1,500 children and adults, ages five to 60.

Shanghai Charity Foundation Hosts First Community Conversation

Community conversations give individuals an opportunity to voice community successes, aspirations, concerns and challenges. Shanghai Charity Foundation (United Way in Shanghai) held its first community conversation in July 2012, where the issue of education for the children of migrant workers - one of the major issues facing metropolitan cities in China today - rose to the top of the conversation.

Multinational Corporate Engagement in China

Recent United Way Worldwide meetings with multinational corporations based in China (3M, AmCham Shanghai, American Axel and Manufacturing, Applied Materials, Eaton, GM, Intel, Texas Instruments) resulted in increased understanding of corporate social responsibility in the Asia-Pacific region.