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Photo of Erkeisha J. Terry
Erkeisha Terry has been employed with United Way for almost 16 years and currently serves as the Director of Labor Engagement with United Way Worldwide (Alexandria, Va.). Prior to joining the UWW staff she served as an AFL-CIO Community Services Labor Liaison with the United Way for Southeastern Michigan (Detroit) for over 13 years. In her current position, she works with local United Way staff to help strengthen the United Way and Labor relationship. As a liaison in Southeastern Michigan she worked with unions across the region encouraging advocacy, volunteerism, and workplace giving. She is committed to connecting families and urban communities to Community Impact programs and initiatives in the region. Ms. Terry began her journey into activism as an AFL-CIO Union Summer participant and later as an International organizer with Service Employees International Union. Erkeisha joined S.E.I.U Health Care Michigan as their Organizing Director (formerly Local 79). She assisted workers in the healthcare industry raise their collective voices by guiding them through the process of organizing unions in numerous facilities throughout the Mid-West Region. Erkeisha is a native of Augusta, Ga. and has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Augusta State University.

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