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On Sept. 11, Do One Good Deed

Americans can’t forget what happened on 9/11, but what each of us can do is use our time and talents to make our communities better places for all. That's why Americans volunteer on the annual September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance.

Even one person can make a difference by doing a good deed on Sept. 11. It's part of what unites us, especially in times of challenge.

Help us build the spirit of unity and service in America by doing one good deed for 9/11 Day.  Here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer to tutor or read with children
  • Sponsor a meal for a first responder or health care worker
  • Sign up to be a poll worker
  • Become a mentor
  • Contribute to a local food pantry
  • Find a one-time or ongoing volunteering opportunity by contacting your local United Way here

It's not just about altruism. When we engage in good deeds, we reduce our own stress -- including the physiological changes that occur when we're stressed. In other words, helping others can help us live longer, happier lives.

Need help figuring out how to get started on your good deed? Start with United Way, which brings people together to build stronger communities all over the world.  

Contact your local United Way here – and take action to create positive change in your own community. 

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