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5 Reasons Volunteering During Spring Break Makes You a Great Hire

For college and high school students interested in making a difference in their community and developing skills that will be useful in their professional lives, ‘Alternative Breaks’ are a perfect fit. Here are 5 ways alternative breaks make you a great hire:

  1. Adaptability. On most alternative breaks, you live and work in a new community which helps develop an understanding of how to adapt to a variety of cultural settings. A willingness to immerse yourself in new environments shows employers you can fit into any workplace.
  2. Teamwork. The service you do with your team throughout the week and the long hours you spend surrounded by the same group of people creates team cohesiveness like no other experience can. This experience shows employers that you are a master of collaboration -- a valuable attribute for any position.
  3. Resiliency. If spending multiple nights on a cot in a crowded gym and getting ready in the morning without the comforts of home can teach you anything, it’s resiliency. Being able to thrive in varied circumstances is a key quality for every job candidate.
  4. Self-Awareness. Throughout alternative breaks, opportunities are given for reflection about both service and individual experiences. Reflecting on progress, identifying areas for improvement, and acknowledging your own change in thinking shows employers your commitment to both professional and personal growth.
  5. Passion. After engaging in an alternative break, it’s hard to walk away without a hunger to do more in your community. This passion for service shows employers you are ready to commit to causes you believe in.

Alternative Breaks help develop skills you may never realize you had, allowing you stand out to savvy employers. Learn more about how you can give and get a lot in return during your next break by volunteering. Search for a volunteer opportunity that fits your passions today. 

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