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United Way and Kyndryl Inspire with STEM Education in Latin America

The World Bank has said, in Latin America, only 30% of students achieve the foundational standards necessary for success in STEM professions. This data suggests a lack training and experience essential for pivotal innovation initiatives in the region.

In response, Kyndryl collaborated with our regional network to implement the 'Aprendamos STEM - Let's Learn STEM' program, directly impacting over 2,800 individuals, including teachers and young students. This venture enabled Kyndryl volunteers to dedicate upwards of 4,000 hours to imparting key science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles to learners and educators across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru.

The program saw Kyndryl's technical specialists joining forces with educators and students from United Way affiliate schools, sparking a passion for STEM subjects in students. This initiative aimed to equip them with the necessary skills to enter the tech industry, thereby fostering economic and sustainable growth in the region in the future.

In Mexico project highlights include the enhancement of STEM abilities among young students and public elementary school teachers. In Brazil, the introduction of STEM through maker kits and virtual tutorials for high school students and staff, culminating in a selected Hackathon.

Carlos Saucedo, Kyndryl Latin America's Corporate Social Responsibility Leader, emphasized the importance of such volunteer-driven programs in promoting STEM interest in the region. "The most rewarding aspect of these partnerships is our ability to reach highly vulnerable areas, where we strive to inspire and augment the education of children and youth. Our volunteers have been instrumental in leading innovative activities, thereby encouraging them to seek better community opportunities," he noted.

Yolanda Nokuri Hegngi, Senior Vice President International Network at United Way Worldwide, remarked, "With Kyndryl's support, we've achieved a substantial and enduring impact across eight countries by introducing high school and elementary students to STEM careers, nurturing their interest, and enhancing skills like creativity, teamwork, and transformative leadership. This initiative is not only transformative today but also plants the seeds for generational change and a more promising future in our most vulnerable Latin American communities."

This regional endeavor highlights the profound influence of corporate volunteerism in shaping future career paths and emotional development, marking a significant stride in fostering innovative educational experiences and opening new opportunities.