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211 LA Overcomes Hate with Care

Pride month is a time of joy and remembrance for the LGBTQ+ community and the nation. Still, celebrations do not erase the effects of hate during Pride Month. For example, there will be no rainbow flags, music, and dancing in St. Cloud, Orlando, this year. Organizers cancelled official Pride Month celebrations citing a “climate of fear” and hostility toward the LGBTQ+ community. A recent poll says the number of Americans supporting same-sex relationships has dropped from 71 to 64 percent compared to one year ago, with more people thinking it is not morally acceptable.

There are countless examples of hate and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community bolstered by the rise of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation nationwide. Overall, acts of hate and discrimination are on an all-time rise, affecting LGBTQ+ communities,  immigrants, and communities of color. 

The alarming increase in hate crimes across California prompted the state government and community leaders to take decisive action. According to the LA County Commission on Human Relations' annual hate crime report, 2021 witnessed the most hate crimes in 19 years. The Commission says the overall rate of violence increased from 68% to 74%, with transgender victims experiencing the highest rate of violence (93%), followed by homophobic (89%), racial (78%), and religious crimes (53%).

In the face of this surge in violence, 211 LA has become a resource where those in need can receive compassion and trauma-informed supportive care services. 211 LA is committed to providing LGBTQ+ communities of Los Angeles County with free and low-cost health, human, and social services information. They understand these communities' unique challenges and offer tailored support to meet their individual needs in a safe and inclusive environment. 

The CA vs. Hate campaign is a multilingual statewide hate reporting hotline and website. It provides a safe and anonymous reporting option for victims and witnesses of hate acts taking place in California. By calling 833-8-NO-HATE or visiting, all victims and witnesses of hate incidents and hate crimes can report and are eligible for free hotline support services, access resources, and receive care coordination.

Confronting hate is a community effort that requires collaboration with various partners and sophisticated technology. 211 LA was selected to lead the statewide network of 13 contact centers based on its experience providing similar services to Los Angeles County residents in the LA vs. Hate initiative. In partnership with the California Civil Rights Department, the 211 California Statewide Network, and additional statewide community-based organizations, 211 LA is helping individuals and communities targeted for hate get help after a hate incident or crime and connect people with culturally competent resources. 211 LA uses its own Care Suite software, a client care management system that provides secure data sharing between service partners and a closed-loop referral process for follow-up and care coordination.

CA vs. Hate is not just a hotline; it's a movement that requires the active participation of individuals like you. By joining forces with public agencies, supportive services, and community advocates, we can significantly improve and strengthen the safety net cast around victims of hate acts. Each of us has a role to play in defending the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and stopping hate within our local community. Together, we can unite against hate, promote inclusivity, and create a society where diversity is celebrated.



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