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2023: The Year of Women United

2022 was a big year for Women United® and the Women United Global Leadership Council. In an effort to advance our gender equity agenda, we focused our attention and resources to expand access to quality, affordable, educational childcare. Tackling this issue acts as a triple win: supporting the growth and development of young minds, encouraging mothers to participate in the workforce, and driving business for women business owners. To discuss our progress in expanding access to quality, affordable, educational childcare, we hosted a Town Hall with over 100 participants where various Women United chapters presented their current and future childcare initiatives. 

We were fortunate enough to host two virtual events to advance our work including a deep dive into the issue of allyship and a rallying call for women to exercise their right to vote during the midterms. We have also been engaging with the Women United community via our LinkedIn group. 

Childcare, gender equity, and voters’ rights were all on the ballot during this year’s midterm elections. To help ensure that women across the country were able to utilize their voices at the ballot, we created toolkits for women to register and get out the vote. However, our activism can’t stop at the ballot box. This is why we developed a gender equity framework for which to view new policies, programs, and any actions we take to further gender equity in the communities we are looking to serve. 

As the chair of a growing organization, I was elated to onboard five new members to the Women United Global Leadership Council. I am confident that this diversely talented group of women will help Women United to reach new heights. 

As we look to 2023, the Women United Global Leadership Council will continue our public policy work to lift up programs and innovative solutions to childcare and advance gender equity. We also look forward to open nominations for new Council members and welcoming Cathy McCrae as chair effective July 1.

2023 will be an exciting year for Women United and I invite our members across the globe to join us in this important work. To join the discussion, attend a future event, or get connected with other members of Women United visit or join our LinkedIn group.


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