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2021: The year to act together to be part of positive change in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Actuemos Unidos initiative (although in Brazil it is known as Movidos Pelo Amor and in North America Lead with Love), seeks to get everyone to take positive actions during the current year. The goal is to achieve 2021 actions focused on access to water, early childhood and youth; equity and inclusion; emergency situations; and sustainability and environment. 

From United Way we join the effort of our ally, from different areas in Early Childhood and Emergency Situations we have managed together to impact more than 115,000 children, 40,000 teachers throughout the region.

Below we invite you to learn about each of the focus areas to act together to achieve positive actions in 2021: 

More Clean Water

The Clean Water for Children Program provides through a purification sachet the possibility of turning dirty water into water fit for human consumption. Each P&G sachet treats 10 liters of water by removing particles and bacteria. By leaving it to act for 30 minutes, a family of 5 people can hydrate for a whole day. This initiative has contributed more than 800 million liters of clean water to thousands of families in 18 countries in the region, improving health, learning and dignified living conditions for vulnerable communities. 


Early childhood and youth 

Together with P&G, we lead efforts in transformational impact initiatives in the most vulnerable communities in 9 countries, focusing on child development, where we impact around 115,000 children and their families. We also strengthen the capacities of more than 40,000 teachers annually in the region. And we foster opportunities for thousands of young people because we believe in their power to transform the future of our countries.

In parallel, P&G develops experiences for a better home, promoting health and hygiene habits in communities in emergency or vulnerable situations.  

Equity and Inclusion

Equity, respect and inclusion are pillars that together we can make accessible to all in our culture. Through a holistic strategy, P&G connects employees with its brands; partners and allies with communities to honor individuality, equal access, the opportunity to learn, grow and transfer knowledge.  

A specific case in this direction has been made since 2019 with the #MásToallasMenosFaltas initiative, led by the Always brand, which has delivered more than 6 million sanitary napkins. Through this program, awareness is generated in taking action to girls in their transition to puberty.  

Emergency Situations 

During 2020 P&G contributed to generate response to more than 10 disasters throughout the region, together with United Way and other non-profit organizations, we have managed to reach more than 20 million people in emergency situations in Latin America, with protective and preventive equipment such as face masks or face shields. And, in the case of the most affected countries, COVID-19 test kits. 


Sustainability and Environment

Since 2018, sustainability goals at P&G are focused on enabling and inspiring a positive impact on the environment and society, with an emphasis on climate change, water and waste. Latin America has made important contributions to these goals, having achieved Zero Waste to Landfill certification for 100% of its operating plants.