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Catherine Merrill

Member Women United Global Leadership Council
Project Manager for Giant Magellan Telescope Primary Mirrors University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

Catherine Merrill came to The University of Arizona from Raytheon Missile Systems, where she worked on the sensors for the National Missile Defense Programs. During her tenure on OCAMS, the mission-critical camera system on OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite (OSIRIS-REx), she served as the Lead Systems Engineer. However, her role expanded to serve as the Deputy Program Manager. Mrs. Merrill holds a Master of Science in Optical Science from The University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Northern Arizona University.

Mrs. Merrill is now the project manager for the Primary Mirror Segments of the Giant Magellan Telescope at The University of Arizona’s Steward Observatory. Catherine has been involved in the Tucson chapter of Women United since 2015 and was elected to the Board of Directors for United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona in July 2016.