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Amit Goradia

Member United Way Worldwide Leadership Council
Chairman Jewel Consumer Care Pvt Ltd
Baroda, India

Amit Goradia is a first-generation Entrepreneur. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai, (IIT – Mumbai) in 1973. Immediately after his studies he got into business, which has grown exponentially over the last five decades. He heads the family group of industries which are in Manufacture of Household Plastic Products, as also in Engineering manufacturing specialized machinery and turnkey plants for the foundry and related industries.

Amit has been associated with United Way of Baroda (the first United Way Chapter in India) since more than 30 years and is one of the Founding Board members of United Way of Baroda the city in which he resides. Amit has held various positions in United Way Baroda including the Chair. Presently he is an Office Bearer and Board Member of United Way of India. He is involved with various NGO’s beside United Way and was Chairman of Baroda Citizen Council one of the leading NGO’s of the city working in the areas of development of underprivileged children and women. He also heads a NGO which looks after persons with Leprosy along with their families  – besides housing them on the campus also available is a  well-equipped hospital and school for the children . He also heads a micro finance banking organization which has 6,500 members of those around or below the poverty line and inculcates a regular saving habit and loans in time of need.

Amit has been active at various Industrial Associations and has Chaired the local Industries Association as also Chaired for nearly a decade the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (the Apex Industries body) for State of Gujarat. Amit and his wife Geeta have two sons and are proud grandparents of three.