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We're improving education, financial stability and health for individuals and communities. But we don't do it alone. We work with 2.6 million volunteers and 9.6 million donors, providing a platform for you to make a bigger, deeper difference. Join us today. Change doesn’t happen without you.

Help end human trafficking.

It's one of the greatest under-addressed issues of our time. More than 21 million people around the world are trapped in what amounts to modern slavery. Join our campaign or share your voice and help put a stop to human trafficking.

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Congress got CHIP done.

When Congress passed HR 2, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, they extended funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program for another two years. This means that 8 million kids will continue to have health insurance. Thank Congress today!

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The Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit empower families to make work pay.

In 2013, the EITC and CTC lifted more than 9 million people—more than half of them children—out of poverty. These credits generate significant economic activity at home returning billions of dollars to local communities each year. But, if you don’t act…the current structure of the EITC and CTC, will expire in 2017, severely impacting 16 million people.

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Every year, 1.3 million students drop out of high school in the U.S. We're working to cut that number in half.

We're doing this by improving quality education from when a child is born to when he or she graduates. Join us to advocate for policies that strengthen school readiness, middle grade success, and high school graduation and post-secondary success.

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