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Mei Cobb

By Mei Cobb

Make a Resolution to Volunteer


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Thinking about making resolutions for 2014?  We all know that many people resolve to improve themselves (e.g., lose weight, eat better), so I was surprised to learn that a University of Scranton study found that one of the most common resolutions is “help others in their dreams.”

Are you one of the people who has made this resolution? Would you like to join the nearly 300,000 people who have pledged to become a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor? It is easy to make the pledge, and so rewarding to fulfill it. I can’t think of a better way to help children achieve their dreams. By becoming a volunteer reader, tutor or mentor, you also will help parents achieve their dream that their children have a chance at a better life. Research proves that caring volunteers working with students of all ages have the power to help kids boost academic achievement and put young people on track for a bright future.

About 45 percent of Americans make a New Year’s resolution, but only 8 percent are successful in achieving them. You can improve those odds! Contact your local United Way today to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area. I guarantee, and as anyone who volunteers can tell you, we usually get back so much more than we give when we volunteer.  It will be the best resolution you’ve ever made and kept, and you’ll make others happy, too.

Happy New Year!

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