Connectivity is as essential as electricity in driving our global economy. It’s supported us during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing us to work, learn, and play while we can’t come together physically.

Yet the digital divide is as wide as ever. Half of the world’s population still does not have quality high-speed internet access and that extends to both the developed and undeveloped world. 

For many starting the school year with virtual learning, connectivity challenges are significantly heightened. Students will need access to laptops and tablets to complete coursework. And those who are new to leveraging this technology will need mentorship and support. For low-income families, this may not be an option.

With your donation, United Way will work on the ground with school systems, corporate partners, and local governments to provide communities most in need with resources like necessary Wi-Fi and hardware access as well as the guidance they need to best leverage it.

United Way’s global network works to provide our neighbors with access to vital resources that support a good quality of life, such as digital learning and training, digital health services, job training, and economic opportunity.