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Volunteers Join United Way’s Day Of Action

Original Source - Los Alamos Daily Post

Local volunteers pitched in for several hours this morning to help United Way of Northern New Mexico Executive Director Kristy Ortega and her team clean up several yards for people unable to around Los Alamos.

The effort is part of UWNNM's call to community volunteers to engage in activity to help put its mission into action by improving lives of those in the community. United Way's Day of Action is an invitation for people and organizations around the world to LIVE UNITED and take action to address a variety of challenges.

This year, UWNNM has partnered with the Los Alamos Fire Department, Los Alamos County, American Legion Post 90 and Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization to identify homes in the community that could use a little help with yard clean up for which the owners are no longer capable. The projects range from pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, filling in holes and trenches to disposing of debris.  

Volunteers Cindy and John Hollabaugh, Shelby Redondo, Aden Stanek, Joel M. Williams, Gretchen Graves and Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes worked to make the community a better place.