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Shining a Light

Eubie Blake: Sandtown Mural Project

The Eubie Blake: Sandtown Mural Project is a mural and arts project in the Sandtown/ Penn-North neighborhood curated by Ernest Shaw and Nether. The project aims to produce ten large-scale murals by the end of 2015. The murals will be produced by a diverse selection of muralists from the local arts scene, Sandtown neighborhood, artists who participated in the Baltimore Mural Project in the 90’s, and developed fine artists who haven’t had the opportunity to paint murals previous to this project. All the artists who will be painting have created community-conscious artwork in the past and local conversation is a part of their artistic process. The idea is that the neighborhood has a voice and ownership in Sandtown spaces. The project graphically demonstrates walls and efforts that echo their pain, solidarity, struggles, and demands. It also highlights the fact that Sandtown can rise, renew and inspire.

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