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There are many lenses being used to evaluate the impact of coronavirus on the US population. Since United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community, our dashboard provides a window into how certain, pressing social needs affect communities by state. It is a tool to inform those able to help and can be used to help prioritize recovery efforts.


What can we learn from the dashboard today?

Interaction with the dashboard is simple. First, select “Health,” “Education,” or “Finance” from the top menu to see measures that correspond with each area. Then, you can either view data at a national level, hover over the map for interesting facts, or select a state and see specific measures for that state.

Note: This is a beta version of the dashboard to spur civil dialogue and community engagement. Because county-level data is not available for most of these measures, data is currently shown at the state and national levels only.

Covid Tracking Project
Federal Communication Commission
FINRA's National Financial Capability Study
Food and Nutrition Service - US Department of Agriculture
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
National Center for Education Statistics
US Department of Labor
United Way Worldwide 211 Data
World Population Review