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United Way and Deloitte believe in community service, and we've worked together to address our nation’s most pressing societal needs. In addition to its United Way employee giving campaign (one of the nation's largest), Deloitte has won kudos for its skills-based volunteering initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs. In the U.S., it engages up to 25,000 professionals to volunteer in 80 cities as part of its part of its IMPACT Day of service. With support from United Way, they help tackle community and societal challenges, while playing an integral role in the lives of their neighbors.

In 2019, Deloitte deepened its commitment to creating lasting social impact when it adopted Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud as its employee giving, volunteering and engagement platform. With Philanthropy Cloud, Deloitte further connects its professionals’ volunteering activities to corporate giving initiatives and to the causes and communities that matter most to them.

“We believe that the power of human connection can help foster a more productive, innovative, and inclusive society. Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for community-powered social impact by harnessing the collective power of Deloitte’s people and network to help change lives, build stronger systems, and shape the future,” said Doug Marshall, managing director of Corporate Citizenship, Deloitte LLP. 

Thanks to Deloitte, United Way's Alternative Spring has engaged more than 3,500 students in 112 hours of volunteer service. After just one Alternative Spring Break experience, 85 percent of participating college students said they’d be more likely to volunteer down the road.

Deloitte's impact is also felt overseas, as evidenced in 2016 when it invested its efforts in India.

According to a study by United Way of Hyderabad, the Hyderabad area (in the state of Telangana) has historically low indicators in its quality of education – only 54 percent of enrolled students attend school regularly, and dropout rates are very high. Focusing on holistic transformation of communities, Deloitte supports education projects that ensure children stay in school through remedial classes and bridge schools (or anganwadis), helping boost graduation rates. Deloitte’s efforts, in collaboration with United Way Hyderabad and local nonprofits, directly impact 14,000 children in schools.

These are just a few reasons we've recognized Deloitte as an Outstanding Strategic Partner, celebrating its leadership, long-term commitment, volunteering and employee engagement.

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Thanks to Deloitte's investments in 2017:

View the complete Global Results Framework report to learn how Deloitte's investments have boosted childhood and youth success, economic mobility and access to health for people in communities across North America.

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