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It is critical that all Americans, at every stage of life, have adequate healthcare coverage that is accessible and affordable. Good health and consistent access to quality healthcare are essential for children to succeed academically and for adults to maintain self-sufficiency.  We must address the health disparities that still exist, in both access to care and health outcomes. Access to care must not be blocked by cultural, linguistic, financial or logistical barriers.


  • Improving and expanding access to healthcare coverage for children and adults
    • Accessible and affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans regardless of race, income, age, gender or ethnicity.
    • Consumer protections and essential health benefits that ensure healthcare is adequate.
    • A robust Medicaid program that preserves access for children, seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and low-income households.
    • Increased funding for Community Health Centers to support access to healthcare services for low income and rural communities.
    • Awareness and protection of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.
  • Increasing resources for behavioral health services for children and adults
    • Robust funding for SAMSHA programs enabling youth to succeed in school and adults to lead productive lives.
    • Full funding and outreach of Veterans Administration suicide prevention programs.
    • Increased dedicated federal resources for states and local communities to address the opioid epidemic.
    • Full funding of the CDC Prevention and Public Health Fund.
    • Trauma informed care legislation that supports the mental health needs of children and adults.


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Fight for Improved Access to Healthcare Coverage

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, 25 million more Americans have gained access to health insurance. Yet, the cost of insurance is still too high for many individuals, putting access to healthcare out of reach for far too many. Ask Congress to fight for accessible and affordable healthcare coverage for all Americans.

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