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Nonprofit organizations like United Way play a vital role in communities by helping those who need it most.  Middle class workers and families both support and rely on help from United Way and its nonprofit partners. The need for a robust nonprofit sector and government recognition of the sector’s vital role in our society is now more apparent than ever as charities alone cannot meet the needs of our nation. Nonprofit organizations provide critical services that contribute to healthy, educated and economically stable communities. Strong nonprofits that are supported and valued by government can work in partnership with government at all levels to address the complex issues facing their communities and create opportunity for all Americans.


To ensure our communities remain strong, United Way will fight for policy initiatives that:
  • Protect and Expand Charitable Giving Incentives.
    • Expansion of charitable giving incentives to millions of middle-class workers who do not itemize their taxes.
    • Existing federal tax incentives, including the charitable deduction.
    • Individual and business tax incentives that provide critical support to charities across the country.
  • Strengthen and Expand 2-1-1.
    • The creation of 2-1-1 texting capability so every American can connect with vital services.
    • Opportunities for 2-1-1 to secure funding from federal government agencies.
    • Support investments in 2-1-1’s disaster recovery services through partnerships with government agencies like FEMA.
  • Protect and Expand National Service Programs.
    • The protection and increase of federal investments in the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), AmeriCorps, and Senior Corps.
  • Expand and strengthen programs that prevent human trafficking, punish offenders and support survivors.
    • Increased U.S. investments and diplomatic leadership in anti-trafficking efforts.
    • The protection of victims of human trafficking, particularly for children and most vulnerable populations, and promotion of social services for survivors.
    • Policies that address slavery and human trafficking in business supply chains.
  • Advocate for Policies and Regulations that Support Nonprofits.
    • The revitalization of Revitalizing the Combined Federal Campaign, historically the single largest source of charitable giving, which once raised more than $280 million per year for large and small nonprofits across the United States.
    • Laws and regulations that support the critical work done by charities and foundations


Read the full Policy Agenda