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United Way’s anti-human trafficking work is ramping up, with generous support from UPS, our longtime Global Corporate Leader partner. Together, we’re generating more insight into the problem, locally-driven solutions and what it takes to tackle the problem worldwide.  The Center’s work includes: 

Groundbreaking, community-based pilot programs in four communities (Atlanta, Las Vegas, Louisville KY, Brownsville TX) in which local United Ways are galvanizing communities in new ways around the issue. They're figuring out strategies to detect, stop and prevent human trafficking; to build capacity for victim service providers; and to support survivors.  Led by United Way and funded by UPS employees, this comprehensive approach convenes community leaders – including relief and human service agencies, medical providers, local government, employers, advocates, citizens and more – around the singular issue of fighting local human trafficking.  Each of the programs will focus on addressing issues identified by the local United Ways as needing greater support, including housing; building stakeholders in poverty-stricken communities; the intersection with child abuse and neglect; and tackling trafficking in a community with a prevalent commercial sex or labor trafficking market.  

Free, virtual training that helps local United Ways equip their community partners to spot and respond to. This builds on a UPS-funded community training pilot that trained 400+ community leaders. Now, the Center wants to help every local United Way train their community partners. This free training is now virtual, and is being shared across the United Way network.  

A new partnership with the UN’s International Labour Organization that will conduct rigorous research to develop a global blueprint of comprehensive interventions required to end forced labor and human trafficking, along with a costing model to better understand what it takes to scale solutions (like the ones being piloted now) to scale around the world. The ILO estimates that profits generated from forced labor add up to $150 billion annually. That amounts to a greater daily profit than the global community spends to combat human trafficking over the course of an entire year. This two-year project will build on data and practice gleaned from stakeholders from around the world. 

United Way Worldwide’s new United Against Human Trafficking Impact Fund, seeded with $3M designated by individual employees at UPS in 2018-2019. The Fund is dedicated to expanding the research- and community-based efforts to find, stop and prevent human trafficking. The fund will invest in training, policy advocacy and community mobilization around human trafficking.