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How to Get Your Refund

Using MyFreeTaxes you have three ways to have your refund delivered to you.  If you have a refund due to you, H&R Block will provide these three options:

  • Emerald Card
  • Direct Deposit
  • Paper Check
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Direct Deposit

Another option is getting your refund through Direct Deposit.  MyFreeTaxes allows you to select Direct Deposit for up to three different accounts, which can help you save some of your return.  You can have some of your refund put into your checking account, and the rest put into your savings account.  You can also use part of your refund to purchase a US Savings Bond!  There are no fees for these direct deposits.  Here are some tips from America Saves about Saving at Tax Time.

Emerald Card

The Emerald Card is a Prepaid Mastercard offered by H&R Block.  The Emerald Card will be mailed to you, and the refund will be loaded onto the card once the return is processed by the IRS.  The Emerald Card is a reloadable card that can be used at stores and ATMs, and your funds are FDIC insured.  The card can be managed online to check balances, transactions, and make payments.  There is no annual fee or monthly activity fee for the Emerald Card, but there are some fees associated with the Emerald Card and users should review the Fee Schedule. H&R Block has provided some Frequently Asked Questions about the Emerald Card, and there is a toll-free Card Center for support once you receive your Emerald Card – 1-866-353-1266.

When you select the Emerald Card you will asked to sign disclosures required to set up the Emerald Card.  Please review these documents carefully.  You will also be prompted to provide if you expect to use cash reloads onto your card, payroll deposits, or if you do not know yet.  You will also need to enter your employment status.  This is simply for informational purposes when setting up the account and is not binding information.


Your final option is a Paper Check.  Your refund check will be mailed by the IRS. 

Note – Different states have different rules and the Emerald Card may not be a refund delivery option in all states.

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