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Currently Updating 2019 Information

The income cap for Tax Season 2019 will be $66,000


Next year is the 10th anniversary of helping people easily and accurately file their federal and state taxes through MyFreeTaxes. Since 2009, more than 1.1 million people have used MyFreeTaxes, bringing more than $1.4 billion in refunds back to our local communities.

H&R Block has notified United Way that it will not fund the program moving forward. H&R Block will continue to make the MyFreeTaxes software available to United Way allowing us to offer MFT as free, safe and easy way for individuals or households earning less than $66,000 to file federal and state taxes. H&R Block has assured us that the decision to discontinue funding was strictly an internal business decision, and not a reflection on 2018 performance.

United Way Worldwide will continue to support this program in 2019, but with notable changes to the scope of support we are able to provide. Although some parts will be different, all the critical elements are still here.


United Way Worldwide will make the following changes to MyFreeTaxes in 2019:
  • Not offer subgrants to promote MyFreeTaxes
  • Not conduct any significant marketing activity
  • Not operate the traditional Helpline (phone and chat) and instead, offer a more robust FAQ on our website (see more details below)


The following critical elements of MyFreeTaxes will remain in 2019:
  • United Way Worldwide will continue to provide weekly data updates and provide updated marketing materials in the Partner Portal
  • H&R Block will continue to provide their Premium Software for individuals earning less than $66,000
  • MyFreeTaxes will continue to be free with no upsells, and the guaranteed maximum refund for our filers
  • United Way Worldwide will build out a more robust FAQ on our website


Although United Way Worldwide will not provide our regular Helpline (phone and chat) this year, we have re-imagined how we can still offer our MyFreeTaxes filers the tools they need to effectively resolve their questions in a resource-constrained environment. We are developing a self-help FAQ page on our website that will be based on filer questions retrieved from the Helpline. We are also developing an escalation path to ensure that we offer VITA-certified assistance for those remaining cases where a filer needs additional help. While this remains a work in progress, IRS-SPEC has confirmed that MyFreeTaxes will still be considered an FSA model. If you receive a VITA grant, MyFreeTaxes returns in your area will continue to count towards those totals.


We will schedule a webinar in the coming weeks to discuss these updates in more detail. The date will be announced soon.