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Transitional or Short-term Housing




Finding a Temporary Place to Live

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you need a place to live for a short period of time.  You may be in crisis and in need of emergency shelter, or you may need housing for a few months or more.

Transitional housing is offered by social service and government agencies. Some incorporate case management or other support services, while others simply provide you with housing for a short period of time.  Some transitional housing programs are designed for specific groups, such as veterans. Community referral services can direct you to transitional housing services in your community.

Tools to Help

Finding Transitional or Short-Term Housing

Identify the best short-term option for you

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Cash Flow Budget Worksheet


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What You Can Do Right Now

Information is great. But taking small steps now can lead to big changes.
  • Today
  • Find a safe short-term housing situation.
  • Make arrangements to take or store your belongings, if necessary.
  • Next Week
  • Find out how long you can stay in your short-term housing arrangement.
  • Work with housing counselors to identify an affordable longer-term housing option.
  • Are there qualifications you need to meet to obtain long-term affordable housing? Find out.
  • During the Next Few Months
  • Create and stick to a budget to make sure you can cover your housing costs in the future.