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United Way Turks & Caicos Islands was born in 2018 from the desire and generosity of a single donor that believed in United Way Worldwide’s mission and values and wanted to replicate the success of the United Way business model in the Turks & Caicos.


United Way Turks & Caicos Islands aims to improve lives by cultivating and inspiring the caring power of the community to advance the common good.


Through the effective collaboration of public and private partnerships, and with an unwavering commitment to community, integrity, and inclusion, United Way Turks & Caicos Islands envisions a Turks & Caicos where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives. We seek to create a culture that embraces all individuals and organizations that have long term interest in effecting positive change in our communities. We aim to be continuously outward facing, ready to adapt and tackle community challenges and issues as they arise. We aim to be the go to organization that is known for impactful change.


Capacity Building: United Way Turks & Caicos Islands demonstrates competence and impact through official association with the United Way Worldwide brand. The organization strives for effectiveness in its governance, through identification of gaps in knowledge and through active board development efforts.

Resource Development: United Way Turks & Caicos Islands will be a highly visible, well-respected nonprofit organization that attracts increased numbers of volunteers and higher levels of contributions to support our operations, as well as to develop a reserve fund.

Volunteerism/Engagement: United Way Turks & Caicos Islands creates extensive knowledge of the organization and its services throughout the community, in an effort to actively engage local volunteers in our programming and to secure vital partnerships with local stakeholders.

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