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United Way Romania, established in 2004, stands for togetherness, the simple, yet grand act of connecting people. Their partnerships with more than 50 multinationals, 2.800 individual donors and 700 volunteers have provided more than 4.000 volunteering hours. Their aim is to foster better and more united, prosperous and healthy communities in Romania.

Their major education program is Learn to Succeed, bringing together parents, teachers, school authorities, concerned citizens and social institutions from across the community. United Way Romania’s goal is to create a safety net for children, encouraging them to stay in school, helping to ensure students have the necessary conditions to improve school performance and find motivation to aspire to and reach long-term goals.

During the 2014 Day of Action, educational kits were given to young students, enabling them to keep active and engage in learning during the summer holidays. 


News About United Way Romania

Nesting a Brighter Future for Children

United Way Romania 2014 - The child ENG