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United Way Dominican Republic / United Way República Dominicana (UWDR) is one of United Way’s newly established partners. Established in 2017 an officially launched in 2018, UWDR is committed to contributing to the areas of education, health and financial stability and aspires to be recognized as the preferred social and community impact organization in the country.


United Way Dominican Republic strives to empower the development of people and communities through self-sustainable projects of social investment and voluntary work to improve the quality of life the Dominican Republic.


By fulfilling its fundamental purpose, UWDR seeks to become recognized as a leading organization in the mobilization of multiple sectors to promote sustainable change and assisting all to contribute to the common good. Our vision inspires us to generate meaningful engagements, to make concrete changes that will build the progress we want to see in our society, through impact in our communities and via the people that make them up.

Core Principles

Integrity: We always act in a professional manner and in accordance with solid ethical principles.

Commitment: We participate actively in endeavors aimed at achieving our mission and building our vision.

Solidarity: Through the effective use of our capabilities, we accompany other people and communities to identify and strengthen the resources and capacities available in them, to build solutions that contribute to the common good.

Transparency: We inform about what we do, how we do it and with what means.

Inclusion: We work for the people and communities that can benefit from our initiatives, and we collaborate with those who have something to contribute.


Strategic Objectives

UWDR strives to meet the following strategic objectives under each lines of action:

Education: Contribute to the development of individuals, families and communities under the scope of UWDR programs, through transformative educational proposals that enable the acquisition of and creation of skills, the promotion of human values and the establishment of a culture where the common good prevails.

Financial Security: Contribute to the financial sustainability of individuals and families under the scope of the UWRD programs, with special emphasis on those with a high-level risk of economic exclusion.

Health: Contribute to the prevention of diseases and the development of healthy habits in persons and families under the scope of UWDR programs, with special emphasis on those communities with a high-level risk of economic exclusion.


Programs and Projects

In this initial stage, UWDR has identified “Crecer Aprendiendo” “Born Learning” as its first program. The program will give a special emphasis on early childhood to contribute to the physical cognitive and socio-emotional development of children under 6 years of age living in poverty.

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