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Medicaid is central to the healthcare system’s response to this pandemic. Millions more people will likely enroll in Medicaid in coming months due to the deep economic downturn, the large majority of whom would otherwise become uninsured. Yet at the same time, state budgets are in crisis significantly endangering their ability to meet the needs of individuals and families covered by Medicaid.

To avoid harmful Medicaid cuts and protect coverage during the public health and economic crises, Congress must substantially increase the share of Medicaid costs paid by the federal government and prioritize longer-lasting assistance coupled with strong coverage protections. 

E-mail your Senators now and urge them to protect Medicaid in your state.

We need a few pieces of information to connect you with your lawmakers. Fill out the form below to be connected and send an e-mail. Personalized messages are especially effective. We encourage you to edit the message to add how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted you or your community.