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Our Plan

  • Refugee Crisis Coordination Group

    United Way has established a Refugee Crisis Coordination Group with on-the-ground representatives in the UK, France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Romania and Poland. It is led by our Paris office with support from the US and Canada. We are working closely with a broad cross-section of NGOs, businesses and governments throughout the region.

  • Initial Focus: Language Acquisition, Local Cultural Awareness and Job Placement

    Our three areas of focus are language acquisition, local cultural awareness and job placement (including entrepreneurship support). We will establish pilot projects in select communities to assist refugees when they first arrive in a new community. Based on the results of these pilots, we will scale up our efforts throughout the region.

  • Long-term Work

    We will also work on housing, support for children without families, health care and other issues that will have the greatest impact on every individual and their new communities. We are focused on what’s needed to help Europe’s newest residents – and our communities – be successful in the long-term.

  • European Refugee Crisis Fund

    We have established a European Refugee Crisis Fund to support these efforts.

Get Involved

Individuals and organizations can play a critical role in advancing Europe’s long-term human capital-building effort. 

Why United Way

Local United Ways have long supported immigrants in communities around the world, helping ease their integration into new communities. 

  • Experience Increasing Literacy and Language Skills in the UK

    In areas of increased deprivation where a high number of children speak English as a second language, we have started work with primary schools to increase literacy and language skills. We ensure all children have access to suitable books at school, while sending free monthly books to pre-school children. 

  • Experience Creating Youth Opportunities in France

    We inspire young people identified as likely to drop out of school by exposing them to new learning experiences and opportunities; this is particularly important for children from immigrant families who have seen their parents struggle to enter and succeed in the workforce. Quality education, combined with mentoring support, is essential to ensure that young people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and ability necessary to succeed. 

  • Commitment to Long-term Support

    Our focus is on long-term integration and recovery. For example, in Japan, 4 years after a major earthquake and emergency clean-up, we are still present and at work, providing mental health consultations, tutoring for college students and mentoring for children in need of extra attention.

  • Background on United Way

    As the world’s largest privately-funded social services non-profit, we know how to bring people together to provide the most impactful community-based solutions. We partner with more than 70,000 corporate partners worldwide, including more than 280 Fortune 500 companies. Collectively, we raise more than $4.7 billion a year to support long-term solutions that benefit everyone.

    Our 2.8 million volunteers and 10.3 million donors fuel innovative solutions in nearly 1,800 communities across more than 40 countries and territories. We focus on education, financial stability and health--the building blocks for a better life and a stronger community.

    Our worldwide reach enables us to lift up solutions that produce the best results and extend them to hundreds of communities. Together, we are able to affect change on a larger scale than any single organization can accomplish alone.

    Our experience in supporting people affected by both mass migration and natural disasters, combined with our existing local community knowledge, will help us anticipate where needs may exist, and provide insights as to what strategies are successful.