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Winners of the “World Nikifors” art competition rewarded during United Way Poland’s annual Gala

On Wednesday, December 17th at Kamienica Theatre in Warsaw took place the Gala summarizing our activities of the last year. The Gala was dedicated to all friends of the Foundation, and above all the winners of the national art competition “World Nikifors”.

The Gala was opened by the Polish actor - Emilian Kaminski - the host of the theatre, who has been supporting the work of disabled comedians for many years. After the presentation of United Way Poland, artists were given their awards. The prizes were composed of professional art materials and an art workshop to be held in the manor of Warwaw Academy of Fine Arts, this ensuring artists further develop their talents. Seeing all the artists on stage, some smiling and proud of the success, the other a little lost, was one of the most touching moments of the Gala.

Another part of the program was to reward partners supporting foundation activities: volunteers, partner companies and NGOs. And finally – the long-awaited auction of five paintings from the Nikifors collection, led as always with humor by Andrzej Jonas the Chairman of the Foundation, chief editor of “The Warsaw Voice”.

The Gala was accompanied by Theatre ON performance by actors with disabilities, who starred in “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov and a great monologue on the dangers of smoking.


A very successful meeting of painting with the art of acting and the opportunity to exchange experience undoubtedly remain an inspiration for further joint activities. The first ideas for new projects appeared almost immediately during the talks on the sidelines and in admiring the exposition of works of the winners of “World of Nikifors” competition.