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Whats your county’s opportunity score?

Whats your county’s opportunity score?

Over the past year, United Ways across the United States and around the world have been conducting community conversations to get in touch with the aspirations of the people in their communities. Regardless of their country of origin, income level, or family structure, everyone’s aspirations are the same – they just want the opportunity for a good life:

  • A good job
  • Access to high-quality education and healthcare
  • Safe, clean neighborhoods where children can play outside

In the United States, opportunities for a good life are increasingly challenging. Mobility in America – the ability for anyone to fulfill their potential and change their economic status with hard work – is grinding to a halt, and recent data demonstrates that many other industrialized countries now have more mobility than the United States.   

During today’s Opportunity Town Hall, Education, Financial Stability and Health experts, as well as United Way leaders from across the globe will explore what pportunity means to people and how communities can work together to create the conditions that promote opportunity for individuals and families at all income levels.

One of our featured partners during today’s Town Hall is Opportunity Nation, a broad-based, cross-partisan coalition of nearly 200 public, private, non-profit, civilian and military organizations.  Its focus is to collectively create and advocate for an agenda that provides better skills, quality jobs and stronger communities to all Americans. 

United Way Worldwide is partnering with Opportunity Nation to promote the Opportunity Index (www.opportunityindex.org), a tool for leaders and community members to use as a guide for measuring and improving opportunity in their area. The Opportunity Index provides a comprehensive approach to measuring access to opportunity in America by including a broad array of indicators that collectively impact a person’s life. The result is a comprehensive measure that provides a snapshot of what opportunity looks like at the state and community level. 

What’s the Opportunity Score in the county where you live?   In the county where you were born?  

To find out, visit www.opportunityindex.org