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What It Will Take to Rebuild Stronger, More Equitable Communities

We’ve moved into the holiday season, and yet, many of us aren’t feeling particularly festive.

Retailers have switched out Halloween candy for thanksgiving décor. Christmas themed movies are popping up on our streaming services. Starbucks has transitioned from pumpkin-spiced drinks to peppermint ones. It should be the most wonderful time of the year.

But the truth is that it’s hard to be grateful when rising food prices, affordable housing shortages, and a collapsing child care industry are creating a crisis for children and families.

And for many of us, this holiday season is just another reminder of the loved ones we’ve lost, the family members we won’t see, and the holiday traditions we aren’t able to partake in. The ongoing pandemic continues to take its toll on the very fabric of our communities.

The good news is there are small actions we can take to have a transformational impact. We can raise our voices for bold, long-term and equitable solutions that rebuild our communities in a way that works for our nation’s children, families, workers.

Returning to status quo is not enough. The pandemic has shed a harsh spotlight on the racial and gender inequities in our country that have existed for generations. Women and people of color have borne the brunt of the effects of COVID-19 and the economic crisis.

Taking action is as simple as this: add your voice to our campaign for an equitable rebuilding.

This week, United Way leaders from 25 states are joining together to virtually meet with members of Congress. Our message is clear and simple – it’s time to rebuild stronger, more equitable communities.

Our Fighting for America’s Equitable Rebuilding campaign lays out a unified agenda for policy change – which includes programs like child care, the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, affordable housing, workforce development, health care and broadband access.

As Congress considers spending proposals before the end of the year, your voice, power and influence are urgently needed to advance the policies families, businesses and our economy need to rebuild and thrive.

So, while it might be difficult to conjure up the holiday spirit this year, we invite you to amplify our message and join our movement to bring hope to millions impacted by the pandemic. These investments can change the future of our nation for generations to come.

With your voice, we can make the holiday season a little brighter for children, families and workers. Take action.

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