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We want to hear from you! What should the President address in his State of the Union?

We want to hear from you! What should the President address in his State of the Union?

Here's your chance to tell the President what to do!  Next week, President Obama will lay out his priorities to the nation in his State of the Union speech.  What do YOU think he should focus on?  

The issues United Ways and our partners care most about are those that shift the odds for kids: children’s health, early childhood and K-12 education, healthy eating and physical activity, developing a strong workforce and affordable housing. Read about each of these issues and let us know which one the President should prioritize. 

What education, income or health issue do you think the President should prioritize in his 2013 State of the Union Address? 

Children’s Health: In order to ensure that children lead healthy lives, access to health care is absolutely critical. Health coverage not only helps to remove barriers to care, but it also improves overall health outcomes. Healthy children also do better in school, increasing their chances for future success. 

Early Childhood: Research shows preschool-age years are critical for cognitive and social development, laying a foundation for success in college, work and life. We must ensure that all children have access to consistent, high-quality, and affordable early learning and care opportunities and all families are trained on parenting skills and child development. 

Education: Every year, more than one million American students fail to graduate high school on time. To effectively reduce the high school dropout rate, we must begin by ensuring that we provide students with the necessary conditions for success, including quality school leadership, curriculum, instruction, and wraparound supports for struggling students. 

Healthy Eating and Physical Activity:  When young people eat healthy food and participate in physical activity, they are maximizing their ability to lead healthy lives. Increasing healthy choices for eating and physical activity in schools and child care settings is fundamental to improving the health of the American economy and our people. 

Workforce development: The cornerstone of being financially stable is having a family sustaining career. By increasing access to workforce development programs and encouraging strategies that connect skilled workers with jobs in growing sectors, low-income individuals can obtain family-sustaining employment that offers the potential for career advancement. 

Affordable Housing:  New research finds that well-designed affordable housing can lead to beneficial educational and health outcomes for children. Therefore, we must support policies that improve the nation’s affordable housing options in rural and urban areas for median and low-income families.  

Tell us the issue that you think the President should discuss by participating in our online poll. Like United Way and vote today. Take the poll. Spread the word and share your thoughts on Twitter. Use hashtags #LIVEUNITED and #SOTU.  

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