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Voices for the Common Good: The World Speaks Out on Opportunity

United Way is excited to release “Voices for the Common Good: The World Speaks Out on Opportunity” – a new report based on more than 120 community conversations in a dozen countries. In these conversations, everyday people from all walks of life talked about their aspirations for their communities, the challenges they see in creating opportunity, and what it will take to make real progress in the areas central to a good life – education, income, and health.

What we learned is that even in the age of social media, people feel more isolated than ever. At the same time, when they talk about creating opportunities they don’t mention institutions but instead talk about things they themselves need to do. They want to make a difference and take responsibility for their own lives and their own communities but aren’t sure what they can do that will make a difference.

These findings have many implications for United Way and other organizations trying to create change. We encourage you to download the report and have a discussion with your own colleagues about what the findings mean for you and how you approach your work in communities.

Download the PDF