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United Way Women’s Leadership Council on the Hill: Raising Our Voice for Early Grade Reading

Last month, United Way Women’s Leadership Council played a pivotal role in a Congressional Literacy Briefing organized by our education partners.

I would like to thank Marianne Fishler who represented United Way Women’s Leadership Councils at the event. Marianne is the former Chair of the Women’s Leadership Council of the United Way of Central Maryland and is the President and Co-founder of Foundry Wealth Advisors, LLC, a Baltimore based wealth advisory firm. Marianne, like so many of you, is committed to our work to make sure that every child has the resources they need to learn to read well.

In her speech, Marianne called Congress to action:

Government is a part of the solution and must prioritize our nation’s educational attainment in its policies and funding allocations. As Congress makes appropriations decisions, it is critical that we make a strong federal investment in high quality literacy instruction that helps our young people receive the supports they need to achieve academic success.

Marianne also emphasized that although government has a role to play, we all must work together if we are going to see successful change in our education systems. It’s up to all of us: parents, teachers, the school systems and the entire community to create improved literacy scores for our children.

If you believe, as Marianne does that:

The time to act is now . . . Together, we can narrow the achievement gap. We can help open the doors to our children’s dreams. Propel them to new heights. Put fresh opportunities within reach. . . First children learn to read, then they read to learn. I believe with all my heart that helping children learn to read better is, quite simply, our moral and economic imperative.

Then take a moment to raise your voice on the issue today. Write an Op-Ed and submit it to your local paper. We started one for you, make it your own and send it on using our easy on-line tool. Get started now.

Thank you for Living United.