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Watch the Opportunity Nation Summit

United Way Worldwide is a partner in Opportunity Nation, a national campaign to mobilize business leaders, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, faith communities, and citizens to create innovative policies and programs that promote opportunity and economic mobility in the United States.

The Campaign formally launches at a national summit on November 3rd and 4th, 2011 in New York City, co-convened by TIME Magazine, the Ford Foundation, AARP/AARP Foundation and United Way Worldwide.  

On November 4th, United Way Worldwide streamed the Summit LIVE on LIVEUNITED.ORG.


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The 2011 Summit

The BIG Idea

There’s been enough talk. Let’s do something. We believe in an America that provides ladders to opportunity. The first of its kind, Opportunity Nation will bring together thought leaders from across the US to jumpstart dialogue on creating opportunity.

Our Team

Power players TIME Magazine, the Ford Foundation, AARP, the AARP Foundation and United Way are on board. To help us get our message heard, TIME has agreed to run a cover story alongside the summit to raise awareness about these dialogues and ideas. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has agreed to co-chair the Leadership Council and will be in attendance.

The Kick-off

Nov 3rd. The summit will kick off with a powerful narrative about the American Dream at an evening event at the legendary Apollo Theater.

Nov 4th. The summit will feature a small number of influential speakers who will speak both about their own experiences with opportunity – events and moments that shaped their lives – as well as highlight examples of how their work creates opportunity for others.

Keeping Score

Opportunity is excited to unveil the first Opportunity Nation Index. The Index is a quantitative measure of the availability of opportunity in communities to be launched in January 2012. Check back here for updates.

For the Win

At the end of the summit, our public policy gurus Heritage Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and the Brookings Institution will help us release a collaboratively developed, bi-partisan set of policy ideas, reflecting the shared work of the Opportunity Nation coalition.

The Summit: By the Numbers

12 Colleges and universities, from 12 different states, that will announce plans for opportunity events in 2012
48 Hours of Summit dialogue and partnership
150 CEOS from over Opportunity Nation coalition organizations that will be in attendance
100 Opportunity Leaders and Scholars that have been invited to attend the Summit and participate in a training to engage their communities in actions guided by the Opportunity Nation Index.