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United Way Israel launches an educational musical project for a Bedouin community

For the last nine years, Matan, United Way Israel has managed The Chemical Society of Israel’s social investment in the Bedouin community in South Israel. The Sulamot School is an especially touching project which was launched two months ago in a school in Tel Sheva, a Bedouin community which is one of the lowest of socioeconomic communities in Israel.

Sulamot is an exciting educational musical project that is designated for children in the peripheries throughout Israel. The basis of the project is for the children to be active in music and playing musical instruments as a part of an orchestra. This has led to the children to overcome doubt, enjoy being team players and seeing the results when making an effort.

United Way Israel built a partnership between a private donor, The Israeli Chemical Society and the operators of the project and the project began to operate for the first time in the Bedouin sector with 85 children participating. The children received special instruments that arrived from Jordan that were built in special workshops that specialize in traditional Arabic musical instruments (Oud’s, Qanun’s).

Each child received a private weekly class with a teacher and was also lent the instruments to take home and practice. Among the teachers were musicians from the Bedouin community that the children were familiar with. In additional the children also rehearsed in small groups and once a week played together as an orchestra.

In an accompanying study of the project, it is proven that music is a vital tool that aids building talents that can help in life and in building character and social capabilities. Therefore also partaking in the project is Tel Aviv University and Israel’s world renowned Philharmonic Orchestra.