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United Way Blog

United Way Israel chosen to train 20 NGO CEOs

It’s a winning formula for all concerned. The partnership between Israel’s corporations and Matan, United Way Israel has joined together for another year to provide 20 CEOs of Israel’s NGO’s a concise and focused course on NGO management. The latest course of 80 academic hours was launched last month. The participants gain from the expertise of top corporate mentors and learn the practical skills of management from the world of business. To this formula add the experience and knowledge of Matan in the Third Sector and the sharing of information and one has reached the ideal balance for a successful ten weeks course, once weekly, aimed at improving the success of the NGO CEO’s.

The partnership with the business sector together with the world of NGO’s is thriving in Israel with volunteer mentors coming from among the top Israeli companies, from hi-tech and banks. The course is run with Matan’s strategic partner, KPMG, which also hosts the sessions in addition to bringing their business acumen to the world of NGO’s. KPMG also partners Matan in holding the annual Matan Conference.

Everyone is a winner – the corporations, Matan and, by no least, the CEO’s who are able to take this newly acquired knowledge and learning back to their organizations, enriching and developing them further for the community’s benefit.