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United Way Hungary InnoMate Program


In Hungary, research displays that many youth are struggling to become employed due to the harsh reality that the next generation lack the most basic skills that prepare them for the job market. This insufficiency results in students struggling to get jobs, and lacking in areas such as problem solving, social interactions, and networking skills. In all, these significant skills threaten the state of the upcoming job market making it difficult for the next generation to become employed. The seriousness of this issue is rooted in the educational system and their lack of preparing the younger generation for employment. With no prior experience in innovation, entrepreneurship, efficient communication techniques, financial literacy, and accountability, the youth are struggling, and having trouble implementing themselves in their work. This results in low self esteem and discouragement. In Hungary, many high school and college graduates find it especially difficult to find jobs.

United Way Hungary is on a mission to improve the future prospects of Hungarian youth.  With the help of InnoMate, a program solely intended to make a difference in youth transferrable employability skills, is in constant collaboration with a diverse team of educational and corporate start ups experts. The youth are learning principal skills that prepare them for future endeavors. The skills taught are outlined in the Entrecomp 2016 Framework that UW Hungary have used to developed a unique curriculum to better equip the younger Hungarian generation. This curriculum takes an experimental learning approach which is focused on design thinking and drama pedagogy. By enhancing skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, InnoMate creates a way for students to confidently enter the professional world.


United Way Hungary is helping youth become employed through InnoMate. We hope that this inspires you to click the link below to donate, and share to advocate.



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