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United Way France & UPS - Day of Action 2016

On June 15th, the 150 managers of the French branch of UPS gathered at Jambville, like they do every year. The non-profit organization United Way Tocqueville France, which is the historic partner of UPS in the United States, was invited to present their actions and specifically their refugee pilot project.

UPS has been one of United Way’s most important supporters for the past 30 years. Solidarity and aid to the non-profit world is embedded into the company’s DNA. Last year’s annual meeting, for which managers travelled from many different regions in France, also took place on the 15th of June. On this occasion, United Way Tocqueville France was invited to speak on a topical issue: the welcoming and integration of refugees into our society.

In the morning, Michael K. Hayde, Founder and Board Member of United Way Tocqueville France, substantiated the historic links between United Way Worldwide and UPS. Then, Diane Hassan, the CEO of United Way Tocqueville France, presented the United Way approach. Jean-François Ploquin, Director of the Nonprofit Forum Réfugiés, completed this presentation by giving an assessment of the current situation of refugees in France.

In the afternoon, around 20 UPS employees took action in a collaborative workshop and evaluated organizations working on the integration of refugees in France.They scrutinized over 50 non-profit organizations specialized in cultural awareness, teaching French, and training refugees for employment and entrepreneurship.

This day enabled United Way to directly involve UPS managers with this project. This “Day of action”, the mobilization event that each local United Way organizes around the world in June, was a great success.

“The refugee crisis is a matter of concern for all of us, the fact that our company is enabling Nonprofits such as United Way Tocqueville and Forum Réfugiés to come present their project and propose to us how we can specifically get involved is important for many of us.” A UPS manager