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Turning Tragedy Into Good

The ripple effects of trauma, fear, uncertainty, and adapting to new ways of living and viewing the world today are challenges not unlike the moments after the 9/11 terrorist attacks 19 years ago. Then as now, we will become stronger as individuals and as a society if we give of ourselves.

We call on all Americans to commit to acts of kindness on the annual September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance and to do so safely. Now more than ever, we need to remember the importance of Living United. In this unprecedented year, United Way adapted our annual Day of Action and our day to day volunteer engagement to mostly virtual volunteering. This month, we are proud to partner with the 9/11 Day organization to launch "9/11 Day At Home," a nationwide day of virtual volunteering. 9/11 Day offers more than 50 good deeds easily performed from home or digitally with many activities designed especially for children and students. Each good deed has been carefully vetted, and most do not require a financial contribution. Free toolkits for parents, teachers, employers, and nonprofits provide a wide range of ideas for safely doing good on September 11, or any day.

Here are some ideas for good deeds:

You can even do something to help just yourself, like quitting smoking, or pledging to go for a daily walk. Need help figuring out how to get started? Visit 911day.org or contact your local United Way. Whatever you do, be sure to share your good deed on social media using #911day.

Millions of people participate in 9/11 Day. I hope you will be one of them. Never forget 9/11 and what we can do together.

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